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California Highspeed Rail Project, USA

The High-Speed Rail project is intended to link the mega-cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles in the south via a high-speed rail line. The next development phase will then also include San Diego and Sacramento. California, the fifth-largest economic region in the world, expects the new high-speed line not only to generate economic growth and create new jobs, but also to provide new impetus for climate protection.

In 2017, the Management Board of California High Speed Rail Authority (CHSR) in Sacramento officially entrusted the Deutsche Bahn (DB) subsidiary DB Engineering & Consulting USA Inc. with engineering and consulting services for technical and economic aspects of the line. The experts of DB will provide support throughout the course of the project until inauguration of the line. Together with its subcontractors, DB E&C, the engineering and consulting company of Deutsche Bahn, will in the first phase work alongside the California High-Speed Authority and its advisors on the design, development and procurement of the commercial aspects of high-speed rail passenger train operations.

In the second Phase, DB E&C as the Early Train Operator will be responsible for preparing for and operating the initial system pursuant to a Franchise Agreement to be negotiated and executed, consistent with the associated financial plan, at an appropriate time during the first phase.

Local partners: Alternate Concepts, Inc. (ACI), HDR Engineering, Inc. (HDR), Raul V. Bravo + Associates Inc., FMG Architects, Pendergast Consulting Group, Acumen Building Enterprise, Inc., Sagent Marketing, B&G Transportation Group, LLC, Soar Environmental Consulting, Inc., KL Bartlett Consulting

Contact Person DB Engineering & Consulting USA Inc.:

Marc Evans


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